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7 days a week


Featuring unique volcanic exhibits!

These exhibits you won't find anywhere else in the world. From decades old archaeological findings to recently discovered specimen.

Learn about Hawaii's unique history with volcanoes, and how we've coexisted.

Did you know that the Kilauea(Kil-uh-way-uh) volcano has been erupting for 30 years? Starting back in 1983. Shortly after the eruption, it was named: Pu'u'Ō'ō

The Lava Zone Museum has the most archaeological exhibits to date regarding the lava flows!

Here we have an in-the-door picture of the museum!


Never Before Seen Footage

Our in-house footage features video and slideshow footage unique to the museum, showcasing the destruction and beauty that the lava has delivered over the many decades.

From destruction, comes creation

The recent lava flow within Puna has affected and displaced hundreds of residence, as the lava slows its pace, new archaeological findings are discovered every day. See it first hand here!

History In The Making

Even now, history continues to write itself with our evergreen lava activity. Learn as it develops, and be one of very few to witness exhibits that feature items from our most recent lava flow.

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